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PDF User Manual

Using the System

General Requirements

The image retrieval system should work with any operating system or web browser. The only restriction is that image browsing will be less convenient if you are unable to view TIFF images within your browser. The AlternaTIFF plugin described below will provide that function for most computers running some version of Microsoft Windows. Recent Macintoshes come with a TIFF viewer already installed (Quicktime).

Entering Reception Numbers

SKLD stores documents according to county reception numbers, but in some cases the numbers are modified to fit our format. Click above for an explanation of the rules

Printing, Saving, Emailing, Etc.

Click here to learn how to perform different tasks.

Request a Document

If you encounter problems retreiving an image, click on the link above and fill out the form. SKLD responds to quality requests when any of the following is unreadable:

Request a Map

Click here to learn how to request a map.


The programs listed below are not provided by SKLD and we do not make any guarantees or warranties about them. However they have worked well for us. You're free to use other products to open and use our files, which are in standard formats.


If the images in the "Browse Images" page come up as blank rectangles, you may need to install a TIFF image viewer plugin. We recommend AlternaTIFF, which is free but does require registration. It works with Microsoft Windows 95 or newer (including NT, 2000, XP, ME, and 98), and with a variety of browsers including Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Firefox, and Mozilla. If you have problems after installing AlternaTIFF, please read AlternaTIFF's List of Frequently Asked Questions


"Zip" is a kind of file that can contain other files, so it's a convenient way to transfer several files all at once. Newer versions of windows can handle this kind of file. But if you click on a zip file and your computer does not know how to open it, you may need a program that manages zip files. WinZip costs $30.

Free WinZip Alternatives

This website reviews free alternatives to WinZip.

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